Sunday, 18 August 2013

Goodbye Chanel - Kalifornia

Single review

Following his arrival on the scene with debut track 'Divine' at the start of this month, Newcastle's Goodbye Chanel is now streaming another song from his debut EP 'Through Night To Paradise', and this is another tropical, alt-pop delight. 'Kalifornia' sounds like glittery sound bouncing around the speakers and occasionally catching the sunlight. There was no better month for Goodbye Chanel (or Scott Johnson to his mates) to launch this new project, as it's pure summer.

'Divine' featured vocals courtesy of Jaymz Dean but we're assuming it's Scott's own voice that dances around the exotic flavoured sound of this track. 'Kalifornia' is a little bit like Vampire Weekend it they were a bit more relaxed and just let the music take them wherever it goes. This song has a freedom that gives it a little extra charm, despite the fact that the vocals are distant and echoey and that the music isn't as crystal clear as it may have been. That said, neither of these are negative effects, rather adding to the appeal of the song.

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