Sunday, 18 August 2013

Barbiturates - Look What The Internet Did To Us

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It is interesting to ponder what the internet did to us. For starters this site wouldn't be here, and it's also highly unlikely that a reasonably obscure track by a reasonably obscure band from the other side of the world would be playing in my ears right now. Brisbane's Barbiturates describe themselves as the "thinking man's pop group". Maybe that's just a little tagline for themselves, we'd have to investigate further to back that claim up, but the title of this track from their current EP 'Shades' does get you thinking a bit, so we'll go along with it for now.

Musically this is an odd concoction too, so in that respect it also gets that grey matter functioning a bit more. On the outside this is a modern, alternative indie/electro/pop song, much like we hear daily. But it's messed up. Nothing seems quite in time or quite in tune; it all seems like it's somehow warped or your stereo is perhaps broken, but this effect it what gives it its charm. Straightforward songs, especially now that we can hear just about everything ever recorded any time we want thanks to the internet, have lost their spark a bit as a consequence. So it's tracks like this that offer the alternative. So for that we have to say a big thank you to the internet.

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