Saturday, 3 August 2013

Holy Folk - We Are Two

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Alright, whose bright idea was this one then? Brief plot of the video: boy enters antique type shop, boy spots old lamp and buys it, boy enjoys picnics in the park, climbing trees and watching movies with the lamp, boy then ditches lamp, regrets it, goes back to get the lamp to find another man walking off with it. All is not lost though, as boy spots a tomato plant and falls in love with that instead. Either I've just taken a ton of acid, am having a strange psychotic episode, or the video for Holy Folk's new single is about as ridiculous as they come.

Yeah it's a novel idea, but not worth watching more than once. The song on the other hand, happens to be very good. 'We Are Two' is taken from the Los Angeles collective's recent album 'Motioning' and is a nice piece of sunny guitar-pop with an easy listening vibe and poppy aspects that make it impossible to dislike, but without it having a chance of becoming anyone's favourite song ever. It's fine; three-and-a-half minutes of well spent ear time with a goofy video, should you be the type of person that would appeal to. But you're probably not, so stick to the audio.

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