Sunday, 4 August 2013

Victories At Sea - In Memory Of

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In the past, bands' debut releases were often shaky affairs, especially if you weren't signed to a big label and afforded quality studio and production time, but in a way that was part of the charm. By contrast, this debut EP from Birmingham group Victories At Sea sounds professional through and through, and we should also point out that this doesn't come at the expense of any charm, because it may be impeccably made but the songs are all strong and easy to grasp, even on first listen. The sound that Victories At Sea are aiming for with 'In Memory Of' is synth-pop, and in this instance their eyes are firmly focused forwards, not to the past.

So it's out with the '80s revivalism and in with modern pop songs. Both 'Stay Positive' and 'Dive' are perfect examples of this, they're the kind of records that bands like Delphic and their ilk have been aiming for, but Victories At Sea hit the target by keeping the songs concise and therefore more interesting. This is after all, pop music at heart, so elongated mixes and so on are not needed. There's a slight change in 'No Escape' which is closer to the traditional band format, with a pummeling beat, euphoric vocals and even a guitar solo; it's perhaps the best song here. Finally 'Low' uses a steady build to bring drama to the typically epic last track, and all we can do it express surprise and joy at what is a well made and uplifting set of tunes.

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