Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Chilterns - Roadside Memorials

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Maybe it's just a very difficult to search for band name and song title, or maybe The Chilterns just doesn't have an internet presence. If so then I can't say I blame him. 'Roadside Memories' is his (we think it's a him rather than a "they") debut single and is "an English suburban country record about dying in Uxbridge", which isn't your usual subject matter. "I don't wanna die in Uxbridge, as crazy as it seems, it's never been one of my dreams to die in Uxbridge." To be fair he's probably not alone in that. Essentially this is a simple acoustic track but the way in which it's performed makes it far more interesting than most of the pack.

As well as the description given above, he also describes 'Roadside Memories' as being "a bit Chas 'n' Davey" and the accent lends credence to that, even if the style is more like a country lament. The gist of the story is to forget the heartfelt poems, a teddy, a picture of his football team and flowers that are usually left in such sad spots, and instead he suggests the grievers go for a couple of grams of cheap speed and a flaming sambuca by way of a send off. Whether his elder relatives would be up for that is another matter entirely, but at least he's taking a different aproach, and in a way that's much like this song.

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