Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Five For Free #205

RAAF - Our Love Can Never Last

Starting us off on a post-punk tip are Dutch duo RAAF who are also members of Those Foreign Kids and Treasure of Grundo respectively. It's a dark and vicious gothy track that's perfectly symbolised by the artwork on the cover. 'Our Love Can Never Last' is set to be included on their forthcoming EP 'KRA!' which is being prepped as we speak.

RAAF's website

Catch them live:

FRI 13 SEP Popronde Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Netherlands
TUE 17 SEP Incubate, Tilburg, Netherlands

SOLO - Sympathy

The project of Solo Major, a 19 year-old musician from London, SOLO has given us a lovable track in 'Sympathy'. The song is a quality piece of guitar-pop that takes in C86, indiepop, dreampop and more. Despite his age, this isn't his first release, and judging by the songcraft that's on display here, we sincerely hope it won't be his last either.

SOLO's website

Catch him live:

Sat, Aug 10 Tower Tavern, London, United Kingdom

Suntrapp - All The Seas

This is the debut single by Newcastle artist Suntrapp and he's made sure it's a good one. We constantly mention how overcrowded the singer-songwriter genre is, but 'All The Seas' still manages to take an acoustic guitar and a voice and come out with something that's impressive and well thought out. A few more like this and he's got the potential to make a breakthrough.

Download 'All The Seas' for free by heading here

Suntrapp's website

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Oliver - Pom Pom

Well this is up there with the rest of the bands who are difficult to Google. Still, at least Oliver's music is good. One half of their new pay-what-you-like single, 'Pom Pom' finds the French group sounding more like residents of the Californian indie scene, and they do cite bans of that ilk as influences. Where it's from matters not one bit. 'Pom Pom' is a catchy, poppy indie tune from the top drawer.

Oliver's website

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The Analog Affair - Wild

Upon listening to the opening bars of The Analog Affair's new single you'd think that the last word you could use to describe it would be 'Wild'. That soon changes as the duo built this into a more powerful alt-rock number by inserting a huge chorus and allowing drums and guitars to fly. It's a tight song that incorporates many styles and influences into its four minutes.

Download 'Wild' for free by heading here

The Analog Affair's website

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