Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fjords - Domino/Strata Florida

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Perhaps deciding to review this single first thing in the morning, a little bleary-eyed, wasn't the best idea. It's a slap in the face, that's for sure, and will do a better job of starting your engine than a cup of coffee. There's a reason why Cardiff band Fjords were winners of Best Band in the 2013 Unsigned Music Awards, and that reason is that they're very good. This new double A-side single goes some way to proving why. There's no mild introduction, 'Domino' just slams straight into you with a flurry of electronics and bass backed by a sizable beat. It's not the kind of song that takes any prisoners, but it's not just about the punchiness and the power.

There's a majestic quality to this track, one that grows with the song, especially as more synths are added towards the end. The vocals are fitting too. It's easy to make similar sounds that end up as boring lad-rock, something Fjords neatly avoid. 'Strata Florida' shows a bit more mercy to you ears while maintaining a rock-solid beat and some pummelling bass. It has the same force but teases you in a bit more gently, making it perhaps a better wake-up call. Mind you, either song will blow the cobwebs away with ease and both point to a band with a commanding sound and a steely determination.

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THU 22 AUG Uplands Music Festival, Swansea, UK
FRI 23 AUG Uplands Music Festival, Swansea, UK
SUN 25 AUG HUB Festival Cardiff 2013, UK
SAT 14 SEP The Barfly, London, UK

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