Sunday, 11 August 2013

Band To Check Out - Rio Grands

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When Stephin Merritt set about making The Magnetic Fields album '69 Love Songs', the original plan was for 100 compositions until he realised that was to many. Sufjan Stevens planned to make an album for each US state before deciding that may also be a sizable task. Portland, Oregon band Rio Grands have set themselves a similar task, but one which seems far more plausible. Their goal is to write songs with the title of 26 girls, one for each letter of the alphabet. How far into this project they are we don't know, but they've sent through a couple of tasters for us to check out.

The first of the two is 'Beverly' (so presumably there won't be another 'B' song) and it sounds a little bit like The Postelles with added brass. A mixture of indie and pop, this track is reasonably easy listening, even having a slight lounge feel. They may have an unorthodox project but they want the music to be accessible as well as being good. 'Liz' comes as a similar blend of styles, this time incorporating a few early '60s pop stylings to its make up, along with more brass and a slightly rockier sound. So it's so far so good, and we don't envy them having every female friend of theirs asking for their name to be considered for a particular letter...

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