Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Baron Rouge - Debut EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Well that seems to be a suitably accurate title for this release by French band Baron Rouge. The quartet got together late last year with the mission of fusing together the worlds of rock, electronica and pop. Which is basically what half the world is doing, because the decline in musical tribes means that bands who mix genres together generally have a fighting chance. Not all of these bands sound the same of course, there can be wild variations. In the case of Baron Rouge you need not look further than 'Bikini' to see what their particular take is. They sound very much like a rock band by nature, and the additions of electronic sounds are there to add depth and generally enhance the tunes they make. It's a formula they use right across this EP.

If it's indie or lo-fi sounds that float your boat then you'll have little joy here. This band have a commercial sound and the production has a little more lustre than most. It goes a little too far on tracks like 'Funky Paradise' which is somewhere between '80s metal and Roxette, so they're treading a fine line when it comes to credibility, but they can write a good tune. 'South East X Y' fares better and here you can see where they're incorporating the pop they mentioned, but again it's not one for fans of alternative music. If we had to pick a favourite then the Gary Numan-esque 'Wild Road' might just about clinch it. This EP might not be to everyone's taste, but with songs like 'Holy Cloak' you can't say they're not aiming high.

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