Tuesday 6 August 2013

Richa - Atlantic

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

'Atlantic' is the debut EP by Hereford quartet Richa, arriving less than a year after they formed and without evidence of any teething problems. It may not be as big and bold as they sound capable of becoming but as a first foray it seems suitably grand. There's another EP planned for release in the coming months so it will be interesting to see how their sound has developed in the intervening time, as getting to this stage quickly suggests they're a driven and talented group. What we're looking at here isn't new, it's epic indie-rock of the variety people have been making for years, but as with any genre the main judgement should be put on the songs, and it has to be said that these guys have done pretty well in that department.

As you'd expect for an opening track to such an EP, 'Chrome' is a huge, sweeping, grand affair with a sound that's the aural equivalent of standing in a wind tunnel. For this type of band to properly succeed then diversity is needed; you can't keep flogging the same thing. We get instant evidence of this with 'Walk Away', a track that begins slowly but steadily before giving way to an impassioned chorus. They dabble with both math-rock and post-rock on the title-track, perhaps experimenting with stretching their musical horizons. Not a bad thing to do by any means, and another fine effort. Final track 'Call It Sleep' plays around a bit more too, although here they keep within the parameters of majestic indie-rock, just giving a hint of a possible heavier direction. Considering this is just four tracks, Richa have shown that they have several routes open to them. It'll be interesting to see which path they take.

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