Friday, 9 August 2013

After The Ice - Thick Snow Magic

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Taking inspiration from Cream and Jimi Hendrix isn't anything new when it comes to rock bands, but too often they take these bluesy, psychy, gritty sounds of old and force them through a modern metal filter, thus removing the soul that was part of the attraction in the first place. After The Ice stick a little closer to the plan. The band were formed in 2009 by Paul Lisak, a musician from Leytonsone, who completed his own power trio with the addition of Hamzah Bashir-Khan on bass and Tomek-Tomek on drums. Working with former Thin Lizzie producer Nick Tauber only adds to their authentic sound.

'Thick Snow Magic' definitely starts by making all the right noises, a gutsy melee of battered drums and driving guitar, the verses slow and allow some atmosphere to build, the reintroduction of drums and searing guitar gives this track a deep psych groove that their heroes would have been proud of. It's rock done as it should be. The vocals are strong and the musicianship is exemplary. Really the guitar solo is surplus to requirements, certainly to the extent that its taken, and unfortunately brings to mind some of the '80s more dodgy metal acts, but once that's done with they hit that groove again and all is well once more.

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