Thursday 8 August 2013

Hockeysmith - Let's Bang

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This is the debut single for Hockeysmith, so I guess a brief introduction is in order. Consisting of two sisters, Georgie and Annie Hockeysmith (we're assuming that's their real surname, if not then it's a strange one to make up), the pair live in a caravan park in a remote part of Cornwall, which all sounds rather idyllic and conducive to creating music, away from the hustle and bustle and the influence of too many other musicians. 'Let's Bang' is available on 12" from the duo's website, and it's quite an unusual composition.

There's nothing particularly odd about the beat and guitar that open the track, or the fact that they're soon joined by slightly swoonsome vocals. In fact this is beginning to sound like a fine example of alt-pop. And then it fades out, as if the song has ended before it's barely had a chance to get going. Then even more oddly, after a few seconds it fades back in with more beats and carries on for the duration of a more regular song. Positioned somewhere between dreampop and indie, it's not exactly wildly original as a whole, but as debut offerings go, we're heard a heck of a lot worse. It could be a case of watch this space with this pair.

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