Tuesday 4 December 2012

Stone Cold Fox - The Young EP

EP review by KevW

Uncut magazine recently proclaimed Bruce Springsteen to be the "man of the year", and it's certainly been a successful one for The Boss. Plus he always makes his presence felt that little bit more when there's an election to be fought. With his music as in vogue and successful as ever, his influence has been noticed throughout much of America's alt-rock scene (along with fellow disciples The Hold Steady and The Gaslight Anthem). New Yorkers Stone Cold Fox share similar ideas and will likely appeal to fans of US blue-collar rock 'n' roll, but their take on the genre mixes in just a touch more of the city's indie sound.

They begin with the most conventional; 'Pictures' is fairly straight-ahead rock music with a rousing quality and does its job without and bells and whistles. 'American' turns the 'anthem' knob up a notch, resulting in something akin to The National covering The Strokes only not quite as alternative as that sounds. It's an interesting marriage, as following track 'Give Up The Kids' has even more of a Strokes feel to its slightly wasted delivery; and then 'Father Spirit' repeats the trick with The National as its starting point. In a nutshell you'd have to say that Stone Cold Fox follow in the line of great US indie-rock groups.

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