Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hermetic Delight - Heartbeat

EP review by KevW

Much like many bands, Hermetic Delight aren't keen to pin themselves down to a genre. Fair enough, it's easy to become trapped or for people to make assumptions about you if you give yourselves a specific label (Klaxons are "new rave" are they? No they're not, they just had 2 songs that sounded a little bit "rave", but to their detriment it stuck). The opening track on the French group's debut 12" 'Heartbeat' is reasonably easy to just fob off with an alt-rock tag, maybe but "/shoegaze" after it just to be sure there can be no arguments. True to their word though, the other two tunes on this EP show a bit more diversification.

There's still a big shoegaze thing going on with 'Heartbeat I', a song your mum with probably describe as a tuneless racket. It pulls the distortion and effects into a nightmarish fantasy land that's part beautiful noise and part claustrophobic paranoia. You can immediately see why the final of the three is called 'Heartbeat II', it's essentially an extension of what went before but with the terror and confusion amped up even more with crashing drums and wordless vocal wailing, like being sucked into a vortex and not knowing where it will lead. The stormy cover to the EP perfectly encapsulates the music in pictorial form. Disterbing, yet oddly beautiful with it.

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