Tuesday, 4 December 2012

CONTROL - Longino, K

EP review by KevW

Wow. A horse sneezing lightning. That's got to be in the running for the cover of the year award. 'Longino, K' is the final installment in a trilogy of EPs by Wisconsin experimental/post-rock trio CONTROL and sees them further explore structures, time signatures and the range of sounds that you can wrench out of guitars, bass and drums. Scientifically there's some dispute over the birthplace of humanity although many consider it to be somewhere in Africa, and it appears that humanity's passion for innovation and abstract noise has been diluted as we've (d)evolved. 'Popular Music From The Birthplace Of Humanity' is thundering, choppy drumming and squalls of cutting guitar. Those cavemen knew the score.

Along a similar line is 'Same Clothes Same Time' which pushes the equipment further, really testing out those primeval amps with some funky bass work and more guitars that attack you like a swarm of wasps. Then it's time for these cats to jam. The jazzy and chilled 'RE: I'm Freaking' has a wandering bassline and sound effects that have been beamed down from outer space; as usual the drummer is given license to join in whenever he sees fit. An interesting technique but one that works. The crunching 'Horn' wraps things up like someone trying to recreate glam rock by mixing together several totally unrelated genres; it's abstract and it's heavy. Organized chaos never sounded so wonderfully disorganized.

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