Tuesday 4 December 2012

Battleships - To You

EP review by KevW

Some bands explode on to the scene with a flurry of overexcited press reports and a major label A&R scuffle with stupid amounts of money being thrown around, while others make their presence known more naturally and grow like a tree by gradually putting out roots into the music world. These rooted bands are often more stable and robust, therefore less likely to be a flash in the pan/massive disappointment. Look at The Drums for example. They should be the biggest band in the world by now according to the press circa 2009/10. Sydney's Battleships are going about things the other way, and you can almost feel in the music that they have sturdy foundations that will serve them well.

With a spattering of radio play and blog action around the world and a pair of well received singles, 'To You' is their first shot at something more substantial. The singles are here: 'In Retrospect' is widescreen indie that can comfortably hold its own alongside bigger bands and 'Your Words' follows suit. Both making the big noise without the big egos and the pomp and ceremony. And it's about more than the singles, in fact just about any of these seven tracks could have been singles, from the storming 'Inside' to the steadily building 'Collision (Head On)'. Finally a big sounding commercial indie band worth investing some time in? We're not betting against it.

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