Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Solicitors - Quicksand

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Perhaps they've all had a week off in Melbourne, but for the past few months we've mentioned a band from that rich scene nearly every day, but there's been a lull of late. That comes to a stop with this new single from The Solicitors. The powerpop group caught plenty of people's attention with their EP 'Made To Measure' earlier this year, and the simple but effective guitar-pop of new single 'Quicksand' should keep them in people's memory for a while longer yet. If you want to know what they sound like you only really need to watch the video (you can do this with the sound down and it'll work) and the image gives it all away.

They're decked out in near-matching black suits like The Hives, only not quite as sharp, so their music has a punky element but perhaps not quite as intense; there's more than a hint of the Elvis Costellos going on too. Pick one of his early singles for similar pop-with-real-instruments sound; notice that they're not taking themselves too seriously, like They Might Be Giants for example, well that's a pretty good match as well. So there you have it. 'Quciksand' is a poppy, guitar-based, ever so slightly goofy tune that's plenty of fun. If only all bands dressed like their songs... I feel a feature coming on...

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