Sunday, 6 October 2013

Marian Hill - Lovit

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This is dance music in the best possible way. As 'Lovit' inhibits you, your being will become seduced, intoxicated, your world will be one of passion, desire, your heart will melt, and you will not be able to fight the craving of wanting to move, to pull whoever you want close to you, then deep into you, as the night become endless and breathless. 'Lovit' perfectly encapsulates this.

It has the loosest of beats, melding with Marian Hill's effortless timbre and torch song vocals. Touchstones of Beth Gibbons and Lauryn Hill flash by, but this is singularly more seductive and engaging than those ladies have let us into in a long time. Hill is a Siren, calling out to us to loose ourselves in her hypnotic form and languid, yet somehow heady and irresistible flow. This is that perfect first kiss.

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