Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Robinson - Superlove

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It seems that the more involved you get with the music world (and I've had a lifetime of obsession and several years worth of hands-on work) the more you realise you're missing out on. Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Robinson has recently released his third album 'Willamina Machine', and the album's opening track, single 'Superlove' is the first I knew of him. And this is no self-released, bedroom material that's known to Robinson himself and a few of his friends. BBC 6 and The Evening Standard are amongst those who've already dished out the great reviews, so the man is getting his work heard nationally, and rightly so.

Despite my personal continuing disdain at the derivative singer-songwriter genre that's so flooded that the term "diminishing returns" doesn't even come close, this chap from Worcester impresses a lot here. His songs are often written as stories and the lyrics here are actually interesting, even though this is a love song. Hardly a revolutionary new idea. Also the arrangement is first class, with much more effort being put into this track than knocking a few chords together and sticking a beat behind it. This is no have-a-go troubadour, this is a man who understands why some songs sound good and some sound crap. It's because of this that he's able to make his sound good. I doff my proverbial.

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Mon, Oct 14, The Dublin Castle, London, UK
Sat, Oct 26, The Sun Pub Clapham, London, UK

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