Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chad Kichula - The Whale's Back

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Music comes in many shapes ans sizes, and sometimes one particular shape becomes highly fashionable and seems to take over for a while. Alt-country and Americana have both been big news in recent years, especially as bands merge them with more regular rock music. The Hold Steady, Bon Iver, The Gaslight Anthem... these are all huge stars, but won't we don't need is an endless sea of copyists. There's a lot to be said for getting a massive can of spray paint and coating your own identity to a song with it, like a graffiti artist's tag. That's what Canadian Chad Kichula has done with 'The Whale's Back'. After reading the blurb, we were ready to pass...

Turns out that 'The Whale's Back' is one of those songs that it's more of a challenge to not like. It's fun, bouncy and hugely enjoyable, and this is with subject matter that isn't the sunniest you'll hear all year. But lines like "my heart is young but the bones are old, and these days I wish I was young" don't lose their impact even though the music is lighter in tone. If anything it's a mark of defiance, of not letting the bastards grind you down. Things aren't great, but if you have to tell that tale then do it in a way that people will connect with, not have to ply you with fake sympathy for being over earnest and heartfelt. Chad Kichula almost seems to have cracked some code here and made what could be the reserve of middle-aged, Uncut-reading men into a song that's there for the taking: for everyone. The genre needs more individuals like this.

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9 Oct 2013 @ Kings Head Tavern - Regina, SK
27 Dec 2013 @ Saskatoon, SK
28 Dec 2013 @ The Black Dog Free House - Edmonton AB
22 Jan 2014 @ Bushwakkers - Regina,SK

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