Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Richard Cuthbert & Edward Guglielmino - Split Single

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To British ears, the names Richard Cuthbert and Edward Guglielmino probably don't mean much. In fact to many Australians they probably don't either, neither are household names or, so it would seem, have any particular desire to become so. They've both separately been going about their business in the ways they respectively see fit, not trying to engineer their music for radio playlists. The word "idiosyncratic" has regularly been used to describe both. We can't argue too much having only heard one song from each, but this kind of idiosyncratic isn't the same as that of other songwriters who've been painted with the same brush. So don't expect any Syd Barrett-esque oddball ideas.

This split cassette single can only be bought at gigs (the two are currently touring together) or you can order a copy online (it comes with a download code). Other than that you'll have to find an alternative radio show and cross your fingers. Cuthbert's track, 'Nothing To Hide' almost had us put off by the fact that it was a simple acoustic guitar and strings affair. And the world needs another one of those like it needs another economic collapse. But such is the quality that within a few second we're won over and even thinking of a less insane Beta Band. On the flip is Guglielmino's 'Free Of All My Problems', an experimental, minimalist affair which tackles traditional songwriting through glitchy electronics and differing beats. It chops changes and feels a bit weird, just like any idiosyncratic song should.

We'd get our knuckles rapped if we posted the songs, so here's a live version of 'Nothing To Hide' from Richard Cuthbert's official YouTube

Richard Cuthbert's website

Edward Guglielmino's website

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Catch them live:

Fri, Oct 04 Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW
Thurs, Oct 10 The Brew, Launceston TAS
Fri, Oct 11Grand Poobah, Hobart TAS
Sat, Oct 12MoMa, Berriedale TAS
Sun, Oct 13The Empress, Melbourne VIC

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