Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Moby - The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne)

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OK, so you probably know this already, it's been out for nearly a month. The thing is, when The Sound Of Confusion started we never expected to be featuring Moby, and so we've put off listening to this for a while. He created some great techno, then came up with one of the defining "coffee-table" albums of the '90s in 'Play'. It was dance music for your mum to listen to and it sold shed-loads. To be fair, it wasn't a bad album by any means, but following that the supposed teetotal vegan churned out more of the same only not as good. His music lost that early spark. We didn't expect a resurgence.

It turns out that there may have been a lot of deception around Moby. He recently revealed that he was a pisshead for years and even went through the whole AA thing (a good way to meet other celebs apparently!), but teaming up with Wayne Coyne? That man doesn't really do music for your mum. He's also done more than his fair share of narcotics. It was an odd an unexpected union, and it's resulted in this sensational, gospel-infused gem of a song called 'The Perfect Life'. You probably won't hear anything else as euphoric as this for a long long time. We owe Richard Melville Hall an apology and concede that with a little help from a Flaming Lip he's made one of the tunes of the year.

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