Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dott - Button

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Ah, the sweet sounds of melodic garage-pop. When bands combine those classic indiepop stylings with melodies that have fallen off the back of a Phil Spector record then the results are often impossible to dislike. We each have our own favourite genres of course, but there always seems to be a timeless quality about music made this way. Dott are a three-girl and one lucky man group from Galway and their EP 'Button' might as well be labelled "instant smile mix". Originally released last year, these four songs are being given a limited edition vinyl release, and that somehow seems like the ideal format for these tracks to be heard on, because every record that inspired them was probably brought to us in the same way.

Where to start? 'Seen You Lately' is a beautiful hum of guitar that's wallpapered over honeyed vocals and melodies, but if you're expecting the following tracks to be slightly less lovable then wait until 'Let's Do It' brings in a chorus that they've kindly been lent by some angels (or possibly even The Angels) and transforms a perfectly fab guitar-pop song into something even better. They use a similar formula to bands like Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and Veronica Falls for 'Leave Tonight' which again plucks pure tune out of thin air. And what would you expect a song called 'Cherry Blossom' to sound like? (Sad Day For Puppets did a track with the same name. Yep, indie/pop perfection). It tricks you into thinking it's a bit more punky, which it kind of is, but proper punk rarely came with harmonies like this. Why did no one tell us about this band before?

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FRI 08 NOV Triskel Arts Centre Theatre Development Centre (TDC)
Cork, Ireland

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