Friday, 4 October 2013

Neon Windbreaker - Pink Suit

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You know that part in life when it all feels pretty fucked up and you are either going to sit in a ball in the corner, rocking slightly listen to something suitably awful (feel free to insert your own state-of-wallow song here) or you simply think to yourself "Fuck it. It can't get any worse". And you drink whatever is to hand, and I mean anything, dribble slightly, take a slash in the garden 'cos you can't make it upstairs then go out and simply rampage on your last everything. Wallow is all well and good, but if you want to take option number two then 'Pink Suit' is your soundtrack to that.

This is a hardcore, punk, alt-rock, garage, filthy, seedy, dirty, exhilarating, cathartic soundtrack to being a singular body amok amongst the mindless masses. There are clear nods, to The Ramones, Black Flag, post-noise kings Jesus Lizard, especially in the Dave Yow aping guttural howl that blasts in and out of 'Pink Suit'. Then Neon Windbreaker don't give a monkeys who they sound like, and when it's the soundtrack to the post-everything meltdown, you don't care either. A raging, frenetic, splenetic blast of strutting fury that whips you like some leather clad dominatrix. This does what it says it's gonna do, your ears are gonna bleed, but boy it feels good (like an hour with a flame-haired hair hooker with a broken leg while snorting marching ants dipped in amyl nitrate). Or so I'm told...

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29th October - London @ Birthdays
30th October – Brighton @ The Hope
1st November – London @ Old Blue Last

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