Friday, 4 October 2013

Tail Feather - Spellbinder

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Loose your head. Loose your self. Floyd, Sgt. Pepper, Cream; they did, and now Tail Feather re-awaken our taste for that universe with 'Spellbinder'. Does it matter that it isn't wrapped in a package of beat-laden USBs with a shiny USP? Not a single bit. Rather it hits you with a pureness of thought and form that just begs you to close your eyes and take their hand onto the 'Spellbinder' ride. This isn't retro, this is timeless, classic, vintage.

A tinge of feedback draws you into the 16-limbed, hirsute, benevolent behemoth that is 'Spellbinder'. Quickly we are given a dazzling punch of harmonies that are at once DNA-based familiar and razor-sharp fresh. Running through is a groove so deep that it has to of been mined from the very core of rock n' roll. By the perfect reverb-drenched solo you have surrendered yourself to the magic that is being cast by Tail Feather. We are then taken up higher and higher, to the edge of their universe in a climatic, melodic, cacophonous climb around those harmonies, and all the other elements that make 'Spellbinder' one joyous journey to the inner outer space. Bring on the next trip.

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