Friday 4 October 2013

Falling Off Maps - The Redeemer

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We all need to show a little restraint sometimes. It may not be needed at all times, but sometimes when it is practised, executed, it can be more impactful/powerful than a scream. To become masterful in the art of restraint, knowing how and when to use it for the most effect takes a true sense of oneness and mastery of ability. With 'The Redeemer', Falling Off Maps give us a song that elegantly masters this art and allows the song to breath, evolve and unfurl into something near breathtaking, housing a mesmerising lightness of touch and quiet beauty.

You hear the fingers rub on the strings of the acoustic in the simple, delicate introduction, immediately bringing a sense of intimacy and warmth. Then this warmth expands, like the sun rising, coating everything in enriching colour. 'The Redeemer' then opens its arms, welcoming you. Urgent beats and shimmering synths twist and turn, adding further colours and dynamics yet never overpowering the subtle impact that the song has. Then is an effortless break before the song reaches out to its end, sustaining throughout the heartfelt melody laid down by the opening acoustic. Amongst all this we hear of "bars spill out on to streets", encapsulating the song's edge of wonder at the apparently ordinary, then turning inside with the lament of "how much wanted to be worth your tears". With 'The Redeemer', Falling Off Maps have given us a thing of beauty, restraint and a dash of wonder. Now please can we have that album.

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'The Redeember' will be available November 4th from Falling Off Maps' shop and other digital outlets.

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