Thursday, 3 October 2013

sæs - Prom Date

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Florida duo sæs posted their first tracks online earlier this year. The two songs were fragile, wandering and very pretty. Words like "chillwave", "dreampop" and "electronica" have been thrown about, and I guess if we had to pick one of those it would be dreampop, as this covers such a wide range of music, and this pair do the same with their songs, not really fitting genres or having many direct comparisons. They're perhaps not unique enough to be called one-of-a-kind, but at this point in time a direct contemporary doesn't spring to mind. You could pick a chillwave band maybe, but since nobody seems to know what the word even means any more then that may be misleading.

The best plan (aside from skipping the boring text bit and listening) would be a brief description. New track 'Prom Date' differs slightly from the songs we heard back in the summer, but falls within the same general style. This is a chilled song, you can't really argue that, but it's also one that is an actual song as opposed to an atmospheric piece. There are stuttering electronic beats low in the mix and there are plenty of twinkling keys, when they break the song in the middle, the guitar they used before becomes more prominent and we're even treated to a soulful edge thanks to some (probably synthesised) brass. It's another good song from a duo who have their minds focused on their own sounds, not replicating others.

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