Friday, 4 October 2013

Forced Random - It's not your fault, I don't blame you EP

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Some things have an inherent sense of wonder and grace imbibed in them. It can be the smile of your loved-one, or the gentle fall of a crimson autumnal leave. And here we find that Forced Random and his debut EP has this delicately flowing through it all. This is quietly majestic music, akin the the more stately moments of Spiritualized or Sigur Ros. Opener on 'It's not your fault, I don't blame you', 'Meantime', is an elegiacal, succinct introduction. Warm chimes and pulses build slowly and deliberately to usher us into 'It's not...', allowing us to clear our headspace to immerse ourselves in what is to come. That is heralded by the lilting, tempered, but somehow intriguing and intricate 'Forever/Always'. There is a plaintive vocal taking us through, guiding us to the effortlessly-building soundscape of the songs latter half. The soundscape is held back at the gates by the return of the voice, riding on a metronomic beat as we hear "we'll be just fine". Then the sense of scope and urgency is laid out before us. The beat seemingly harder, a beatific, distorted guitar lights our way, then soon you are simply taken away, only disappointed when it stops, as you could have taken hours more.

'Explain/Explode' is the sweetest comedown. A shimmering second vocal exquisitely counterpoints and adds a subtle, rewarding dynamic and hit of colour. The whole song is held upon a gentle acoustic, rippling through. A lone synth adds another texture, before the duetting voices bring back the sense of clarity. Some may find this music melancholic, but if you truly listen then your are gifted with a wonderment, a uplift of the soul, and 'Once Again' brings light to those dark corners. It is shaded darker, perhaps a touch sombre, but not to the point of being impenetrable. There is a sense of strength, a light in the dark, it almost becomes lost among chattering noises, but with a Four Tet-like ability, Forced Random doesn't let these overwhelm and the song's core shines through the fog. And then we are at the end of this wonderful, honest, beautiful, enchanting EP with 'No Words'. This could of stepped off 'Pure Phase' and has shares the same subtle euphoric qualities of J Spaceman's best pieces. As with all of these songs, it is just not enough, you are left yearning for more. We can dare but hope that this is just the start of a fantastical journey with Forced Random.

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