Friday, 4 October 2013

Missing Children - The Core

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The whole Australia/psychedelia thing is perhaps becoming a bit of a stereotype now (most scenes and styles do when attached to a particular country/city), but have a look a Sydney sextet Missing Children and you'll see long hair, beards and a band set-up that looks kinda like it belongs somewhere between 1968 and 1972. The music to new single 'The Core', which is taken from their EP 'Thirst' which is out next week, shares a lot in common with (that word again) stereotypical sounds from that era. The do the whole retro rock thing well, finding space for a little folk and even prog. Comparisons to certain bands from those few years are inevitable.

They don't half kick up a storm though. As soon as the guitar intro gets smashed aside by a single note you realise there's gonna be some power. The vocals are of a style you've heard plenty of times, but that matters not one bit, because singer Sophia has the lungs to keep up with the thudding drums and the brute force the band manufacture. By the way, you can just about forget the whole psychedelia thing, because they may have that look about them, but Missing Children seem to be more about making rock music like it used to be made. Rock before hundreds of awful bands made it such a dirty word unless prefixed by "(something) hypen". If that has to be the case for rock to be credible nowadays then maybe these guys should be labelled as good-rock.

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