Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fake Nails - After You

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

As you know there are certain parts of the world that we tend to feature more than others. Not through favouritism, but because that particular place has a scene that happens to fit in with the music we like. One such place is the city of Portland in Oregon, probably in the top 3 US cities for music (at least as far as what filters through to us is concerned, if you know better then feel free to contact us, or better still write a scene report and we'll publish it!). Portland has been conspicuous by its relative absence of late, but indie band Fake Nails are hoping to change that. They've mastered making songs, but not uploading them at a particularly loud volume, so you may need to crank the speakers/headphones up for this one.

The trio have done the usual band thing of forming, rehearsing in a basement and now have some tunes of a high enough quality that they want to share with us. We can't be sure, but since they only formed last year, 'After You' may be their first single. It's a lo-fi number, but this is most likely due to their (lack of) access to a proper studio as opposed to stylised demo-sounding material (which is starting to get a bit tired when it's from bands with deals and producers and studios). It's not a problem though, and it actually adds a slightly endearing quality to these punky indiepop tracks. Both 'After You' and B-side 'So Soon' are similar in style and sound. The lyrics are a bit lost in the fuzz of it all, but the melody shines through like headlights coming at you through the fog. The sound quality may not be perfect yet, but the writing and playing part seems well on track. Ones to keep an eye on.

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