Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Alexchilltown - HLDNTYRSLF​.​HSTRY.

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Most major music fans amongst you will have noticed that Alexchilltown is a play on words with the name of the legendary Box Tops/Big Star man Alex Chiltern, a man who, if you're unfamiliar with him, quite possibly helped shape the sounds made by a lot of the bands in your collection (particularly if it's guitar music that you favour). It goes some way to showing that there's a good taste in music involved here, as was the submission email which correctly identified the Spacemen 3 reference in this website's name (many people assume it's the name of a Spiritualized song or is named after the Secret Affair track of the same name - or just don't think it refers to anything...).

This is a new project, formed just this summer, and with such little information available we're guessing from the way that the band/artist's web presences are presented that it's a solo act. Even the name doesn't seem to be totally settled on, with Alexchilltown and Alex Chilltown both being used. These two tracks seem to be a debut, self-released single. 'HSTRY' (which we're guessing is pronounced "history") is a delightful fuzz-rock song that (like Spacemen 3 often did) foregoes drums altogether without you even realising. The sound quality would be described as lo-fi, but this suits it, and the vocals are in there somewhere, but what they're saying is anyone's guess. 'HLDNTYRSELF' ("hold onto yourself?") takes the unusual step of including a vowel for an unknown reason, although this is omitted on the top of the Bandcamp page. More lovely fuzz, more swamped vocals, but this time at a lazier pace. As starts go, this is at once unusual, confusing and very good.

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