Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Coastal Cities - Summer Reign

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Since first hearing Buckinghamshire collective Coastal Cities (slightly ironic, as I have a feeling the furthest point from the sea in Britain is the village of Haddenham in that county. If not then it's in the top three places) late last year they've gradually become a bit of a favourite, and we've singled them out for praise for their entire work, not just the singles. In fact in a recent review we declared the B-side to actually be the superior of the two. That may be open to debate, but surely the band's overall ability and songwriting can't be criticised as far as guitar-pop goes. They haven't really put a foot wrong yet.

The truth will unfold when they release an album, but in new single 'Coastal Cities' they've produced another corker. It's not some seasonal cash-in that we're late reviewing either. The single is set for release in November. It gets a bit repetitive mentioning a band's qualities over and over again, but usual rules apply here, along with a great melody, nice production, a hint of nostalgia and a good slice of attention to detail. By the way, it looks as though 'Summer Reign' is the A-side. We're already rubbing our hands together in anticipation of B-side 'Bad Dream'...

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Nov 07 Bucks Su, High Wycombe, United Kingdom

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