Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wolf Hut - Forest Floors

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It could well be that Wolf Hut are either playing with our minds a little or that current single 'Forest Floors' is entirely different to much of their other material. Upon reading that they specialise in "abstract/live electronic post-rock" the instant reaction was that while this, assuming the song is good, will suit my taste, to other people it's more likely to get you of to sleep than injecting half a pint of liquid barbiturates straight into your arm. This quote is on their Bandcamp page and it follows just after the words "a unique solo project". This is on the page for this particular single, dated 4th August 2013. So quite recently then.

Upon pressing play some beautiful, twinkling ambience is placed carefully in your ears. For precisely fourteen seconds. From then on in what 'Forest Floors' amounts to is an indie tune with electronic leanings that's played at a high tempo. Think Two Door Cinema Club's singles for an example of the general pace and style, but strip away some of their overly poppy elements and you'll have a good image of what this song is about. It's credible, upbeat indie/electro/pop; really nothing like the description at all. Oh, and their Facebook page lists five band members as opposed to the aforementioned solo act. It's all very confusing when it comes to the facts and figures. Still, nice song though.

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