Sunday, 6 October 2013

Albert Hammond, Jr. - Rude Customer

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The sheer amount of solo projects and collaborations involving each member of The Strokes tells you that they're not just a band built around one talented songwriter and some decent players, they're all a talented bunch in many ways. Some will disagree, but the more recent Strokes albums haven't been as good as a lot of people have hoped and there's even been talk of them not really being overly interested in the project. It's a bit frustrating really. This track from Albert Hammond, Jr.'s new EP 'AJH' which is released this week is pretty good. Not 'Is This It' good, but it would likely get a release if it was recorded by an unknown rather than a member of a revered band.

Hammond makes no attempt to disguise the fact that he's an important factor in that band's sound, 'Rude Customer' sounds a lot like his main band, especially the guitar, as you'd expect. You could be convinced that it was indeed a track that band had recorded recently were it not for his sharper vocal tones being in place of the usual lazy, out-of-it drawl that characterises their recordings. 'AJH' promises to be a very fine EP all told, and if you want to hear another track then you can do so by popping to the Test Of Fuzz Facebook page (link below) and unlocking 'St. Justice' with a "like".

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