Sunday, 6 October 2013

K H U S H I - Magpie

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Close followers of the UK's new music scene may well know a few tunes by Londoner K H U S H I, as he's already uploaded demos and home recordings onto his SoundCloud page and began to gain some press coverage following that. To be featured in notable publications at such an early stage is either the sign of some kind of record label/media cash exchange, or a sign that the artist in question is flipping good. Our introduction to K H U S H I (apparently a childhood nickname) is his debut single proper, 'Magpie', a track that's made from sections of home recorded material and studio work.

It's easy to see why radio has picked up on this; it's one of those songs that's a fairly instant hit, yet despite this, repeat plays uncover more layers, proving the quality and depth that's here. There's innovation too, and although we're looking at yet more indie mixed with more electronic sounds, it doesn't feel in any way forced or derivative. Kalim Patel (as is his real name) isn't looking around to see what's going on or looking over his shoulder to see where music could be heading next. He shows here that he knows what he wants his songs to do. And with a grand ending and a touch of brass we have to say that he's towards the front of the pack.

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