Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Hush Now - Memos

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It doesn't really take a genius to see which bands The Hush Now probably have on their iPods (just pick your favourite classic indie-rock types). Now on their third album 'Memos', the Boston crew are using their influences well and have shaped an album that's almost rock-solid. 'Memos' won't be new to the ears of those already up to speed with the band's material, as it's been knocking around for quite some time, only recently getting a full UK release. Albums are often opened with a bang, and in this instance it's achieved with recent single and free download 'Arkansas', but that's nothing compared to what follows.

The band really show their mettle with second track 'Clouds', an all-powerful indie-rock monster that stomps on inferior bands with no signs of remorse. Only then do they allow the album to hit a natural ebb and flow, following this behemoth with 'Memos', a much softer song but one that still has plenty of backbone and shows no sign of a let up in quality. It's proof, if it were needed, that these guys have more than one trick up their sleeves. Having given themselves this extra freedom, they make it count with songs like 'Cameraphone' which combine their crunching alt-rock with the more poppy and light side shown before.

Delving deeper into their arsenal we're given the electro-pop of 'The Glow', however it feels a little out of place here and breaks the flow of the album somewhat, but this is only a temporary mishap and the gorgeous, brass speckled 'The Slow Clock', arguably the strongest song here, ensures it's soon forgotten. Then The Hush Now return with another bang, one to rival the opening pair, and the excellent 'Rooftops', a surging guitar-pop tune. The thrills don't stop yet, and the dreamy 'A Mother's Lament' is another particularly noteworthy song with some exemplary melodies, and then 'Pete's Best' is another big tune, a swirling psych-rock number that gives a air of mystery to the album before the funky 'Things Fall Down' brings the curtain down. 'Memos' unquestionably has some songs that will live long in the memory.

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