Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sports Fan - Shallow Water (feat. Jen Boyce)

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Australian trio Sports Fan claim that you don't need guitars to be rock stars, and to be fair, it wasn't until I read this that I realised their new single 'Shallow Water' doesn't actually include any. They rely on keys, bass, drums and vocals. The worrying thing is, that's what Keane do, and the last thing the world needs is another Keane. Sports Fan thankfully share little in terms of sound with that band, preferring to go for slightly geeky indiepop - the band describe themselves as "three nerds" and this does come across at times.

The verses are a little dorky with the kind of slightly juvenile "witty" lyrics that can leave a bit of a bad taste. Somehow they manage to make up for that by springing a hook-laden chorus on us which saves the song from being an instant turn off. So 'Shallow Water' is a bit hit and miss but the good outweighs the bad and therefore we're happy to feature the song. If Sports Fan could get rid of the novelty aspect then they have the ability to pen some good pop tunes.

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Catch them live:

Aug 08 The Canteen Bondi, Australia  
Aug 09 Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst, Australia
Aug 17 Trainspotters, Brisbane, Australia
Aug 29 Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia

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