Saturday, 17 August 2013

Salt Cathedral - Move Along/Fields

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Since reviewing their song 'Take Me To The Sea' a couple of months back, Brooklyn-based group Salt Cathedral have unveiled another couple of tracks for streaming and also released their first EP under this guise which is self-titled and continues their experimental pop journey. The EP is available on 12" but comes with a free download too. 'Move Along' is the softer of the two new songs, subtly bobbing along on exotic instrumentation and soft vocals, with that sense of willingness to try something new never being far away.

Perhaps edging it is 'Fields', a slightly more interesting song that begins with mathy guitars and those breathy vocals again. The drums rumble as if part of some tribal ritual. Again Salt Cathedral have done away with usual formats and decided to go with the flow and whatever fits. It's this attitude that could see them go a long way. They're not quite there yet and the songs will need to get that little bit better, but they have the potential to become bona fide alt-pop heroes.

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