Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mickey Gloss - Are You Happy???

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Whichever way you look at it, 'Are You Happy???' is punk in one form or another, and this energy and bile stems from the riots in Australia in 2011. Mickey Gloss left the east coast of his homeland and set up camp in London where he channeled these emotions into music. This is his (or rather their, as technically they're a band) new single and is released in the wake of couple of gigs and the hope that interest is high. With a song so fresh it's difficult to imagine that it's not, for while 'Are You Happy???' is a punk song it has a modern spin to it and also takes in a little new-wave along the way.

Bubbling in on what sounds like some kind of computer sound effect, the song then piles straight into energetic punk, although there's less fury that some bands choose to use, and this works to Mickey Gloss' favour as it automatically separates him from the denizens of part-time punks that are doing the rounds. This electronic sound never leaves the track but it soon becomes buried under sprightly guitar that owes a debt to garage-rock. Throw in an intense chorus and some sharper guitars later on and you have yourself a very good tune.

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'Are You Happy???' is out on August 5th through Bandcamp

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