Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lizzie and the Yes Men - Unstoppable

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It's only really when watching the video to this song that you realise just how repetitive the guitar, bass and drums are, and that's testament to the power of such a technique (and being champions of drone-rock and shoegaze we know a thing or two about that). The video by the way, is either extra carefully choreographed or uses computer magic. It looks like the former, and if so then hats off to them. It feels like an age since we last featured Lizzie and the Yes Men on the site, but upon inspection it was only last November. Regardless, it's good to have them back in fine form.

Despite the fact that repetition plays a big part to this song's construction, it's probably not something you'd notice unless you were looking for it; this is a guitar-pop song through and through, and it's one with plenty of added adornments to make interesting layers of sound and changes in the dynamic, and this is, naturally, in part down to those powerful vocals. The band seem to thrive on doing the whole loud/quiet thing in a much more interesting manner than most bands manage. Looks and ears may be deceiving, but we're quite sure this is a top tune.

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