Thursday, 15 August 2013

Destruction Unit - Bumpy Road

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Arizona's fiercest psych monsters Destruction Unit have a new album out next week, it's called 'Deep Trip' and after several DIY releases, cassettes and so on, this marks the band's first "proper" studio album. So it's all clean and polished-up then, yeah? Anyone who heard the deafening scree of first single 'The World On Drugs' will know that's not the case. This band want to create noise, but they want it to be noise that inspires, stuns, frightens and enchants in equal measure. Essentially the effect ot has on you will depend on your frame of mind.

New single 'Bumpy Road' is toned-down considerably from that first offering. Here they're aiming for a sludgy, droning psychedelia that will seep into your unsuspecting brain and work its magic. If you allow it of course, to some it'll be another lo-fi, noise-rock band doing the rounds. We happen to think that Destruction Unit offer something a little extra, and although it may be a case of time will tell, once the dust has settled on the current wave of bands whose lifeblood is discord and abrasion, this lot will be more than just a footnote.

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Wed, Oct 23 London, UK @ Upset The Rhythm @ Old Blue Last
Thurs, Octr 24 Newcastle, UK @ The Tyne Bar
Sat, Octr 26 Brighton, UK @ Prince Albert

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