Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Little Comets - Jennifer

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It's a bit of a shame that Little Comets would be described as reasonably successful but not more. They've released two albums which contain a fairy individual version of indie/pop, a little like Vampire Weekend if they were a bit less preppy. Perhaps it's the fact that their music could happily be described as "jaunty" that's putting off the cooler, indie crowd from fully embracing them, and maybe they're just not pop enough for the mainstream, but their talents should receive more plaudits than they do. With their second album 'Life Is Elsewhere' set for release in the US this coming week, the time is right for a little extra promotion.

From the album is recent single 'Jennifer', a song that sounds as summery and unique as the band always do, with those spangly and exotic guitar lines and ultra-catchy melodies this should be the perfect soundtrack for warm weather. Little Comets rarely disappoint on the tune front, so let's hope the US are a little less fickle than some areas of the UK music press (and public) and they get some hard earned attention across the pond. This is still a band that has the potential to become much bigger than they currently are, so surely their time will come.

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Catch them live:

Aug 14 North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA
Aug 17 Do317 Lounge, Indianapolis, IN
Aug 18 Schubas, Chicago, IL
Aug 19 7th St. Entry, Minneapolis, MN
Aug 20 Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO
Aug 22 Lola's Room, Portland, OR
Aug 23 Vera Project , Seattle, WA
Aug 25 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
Aug 26 Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

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