Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hollywoodfun Downstairs - Fuzzy

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When listening to this track by New Zealanders Hollywoodfun Downstairs, you're reminded a little of their countrymen The D4. 'Fuzzy' is a similarly rabid and frantic version of garage-rock that's whipped through as though thy're attempting break the sound barrier. Any actual sounds they make probably are capable of breaking something if they're turned up loud enough. You could chuck in lines about pulling no punches, taking no prisoners and so on, and this is what they do. It's their music, they want it their way.

The Wellington band will be releasing their first full-length, 'The Mancunian Swing', next week and it promises to terrorise speakers around the globe. 'Fuzzy' slams straight in with some machine-gun drumming and string-busting guitar that's backed by the low rumble of a bass guitar, all the while the vocalist's half-spoken delivery rides on this crest of noise, at the forefront, not lost in the mix. This is potent stuff, and you can imagine their live shows becoming a bloodbath.

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