Thursday, 15 August 2013

Butter The Children - Spit It Out

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This is the debut single proper from Brooklyn band Butter The Children, although they have a self-released EP available on Bandcamp. 'Spit It Out' will be included on the 'True Crime' EP which is out next week and promises much. As 'Spit It Out' will be many people's introduction to the band, it's more than likely that they'll build a fanbase fairly quickly, as this is one of those songs that doesn't need to be listened to over and over, you get it first time and it's a little fizzy cracker of punky energy.

There's plenty of melody included here too, something which shows that Butter The Children aren't all about style, they can also write great songs, and this is often an indicator of potential longevity, especially as this is their first proper offering, many bands take a few attempts to sound this effortless. The other thing that Butter The Children have on their side is wide appeal: this might be punk/post-punk/indie-punk or however you want to describe it, but it's also a pop song, and a very good one at that.

To hear the song with better sound quality head here

Butter The Children's website

Catch them live:

Aug 20 285 Kent, Brooklyn, NY
Aug 24 Cake Shop, New York, NY
Aug 29 The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY  
Sep 03 Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Sep 17 Grand Victory, New York, NY  
Sep 17 The Grand Victory, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 07 Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 18 Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

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