Saturday, 10 August 2013

Golden Gardens - Narcissus EP

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Female-fronted dreampop of this nature will always draw comparisons to The Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star and so on, so that's that out of the way. 'Narcissus' follows on from the gorgeous dreamscapes of duo Golden Gardens'How Brave The Hunted Wolves' album from last year, and it does this with the same sense of magical wonder and otherworldly, semi-lucid aural imagery. A few people might be put off by the length of six-minute-plus opener 'My Viridescent Heart', but that would be their loss. Yes, it is a largely atmospheric song with no fireworks to dazzle you with, but it's quite beautiful.

'All Night A Lay Hidden In The Garden' not only has the title of a fantasy adventure, but it has the sound of one too. This time it's more upbeat and perhaps a better starting point for casual fans. Those softly distorted guitar twangs and steady beats travel with you throughout the EP, accompanying those ethereal vocals and swathes of mysterious sound that seems to simply be materialising from the ether. We're hurling a lot of cliches at this EP, but they really do fit perfectly and sum up this fantastical sound in the simplest way possible. Listening to music shouldn't always be about effort, and as we enter the enchanting final song, 'Blue Eyes Of A Broken Doll' you realise that Golden Gardens have made another record that doesn't require much effort on your part. You simply hit play and let the tunes do the rest.

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