Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bibelots - Devil's Highway

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Upon reviewing Bibelots'Manta Ray EP' at the end of last year, we were of the opinion that the London quintet had a lot to offer, but at that point they were still a work in progress. The EP was good, but if they pushed the boat out that bit further they'd reap greater rewards. Six months later they unveiled new EP 'Devil's Highway', and this instantly sees them take a step up. The opening bars of the title-track are all that's required to see that. This is gutsy, confident, big. They've written and recorded a bluesy rock track that feels fresh and modern. It's exactly what we'd hoped from them.

They offer another two new recordings here which further allow us to check out their development (plus a pair of fine remixes which make up the rest of the EP). 'WDGAF' instantly transforms them from this deep rock sound to something funkier, lighter and a little psychedelic, but again it's oozing belief, and that can be half the battle. It's always good to see bands showing a diversity, especially if it doesn't fracture their sound too much. Completing the trio of new songs is 'Nemesis', again this shows another side of the band and again it's self-assured without being cocky. Locking into a deeper groove, this one adds some soul to their sound. In this EP their growth as a band is definitely noticeable..

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