Friday, 2 August 2013

Burning Condors - Love On The Rocks

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Since last featuring London's Burning Condors with their single 'Knockout'/'Riot In The Streets', we've been given a set release date for their debut album 'Round Our Way' which will be out on September 9th and will feature 'Knockout' as well as new single 'Love On The Rocks'. The style of country-punk that the band favour doesn't sound like the product of a London band, feeling rather more absorbed in American culture and sounds. It's not only punk they explore here, but desert-rock, blues and country. It's a hectic whirlwind of song that leaves you breathless just listening to it.

Perhaps one of the biggest influences on the band is Johnny Cash, himself seen by many as a punk in his own way. So, fittingly, the B-side to this single is a frenetic cover of his classic 'Folsom Prison Blues'. As fate would have it, when the band were performing a show in Nashville, former Johnny Cash bassist Dave Roe (now in The Tennessee Three) was in the audience. He was also impressed and spoke with the band about arranging a jam session. So when the album arrives, look out for the song 'Bringing Back The Blues' which features Roe on double bass.

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