Monday, 5 August 2013

Blaue Blume - Helen

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Denmark continues to show us how to make various different forms of "alternative" music. It's difficult to think of a time when the country's music scene has been so prominent as now, but maybe this is the effect of the internet. Whatever the culprit, we should be glad of it. Unlike scenes that the UK press insist on making up every couple of months, Denmark doesn't seem to have a "scene", more a collection of bands who are taking music to interesting places, from the serrated noise of Iceage to the electro-pop of When Saints Go Machine to the unusual garage of Vampire Blow.

Earlier this year we featured 'On New Year's Eve', the distinctly unseasonal (it was released in May) single by Blaue Blume, and now we get a follow-up: 'Helen'. With vocals that are somewhere between Wild Beasts and Antony Hegarty and music that has so many hidden depths you keep hearing new sounds each listen, this track is that bit more powerful than before. The occasional lone guitar twang an thudding drums add an almost ritualistic feel to the song, something that's possibly helped by the lyrics. This is a menacing track but for all the right reasons, and when it comes to atmosphere, these guys sound like they've been doing it all their life.

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