Monday 3 December 2012

Wild Combination - Great Expectations

Single review by KevW

You have to pity the people of Essex. That godforsaken TV show has given them such a bad name, if it was called 'The Only Way Is (insert foreign country)' it would probably be considered racist and pulled immediately. Hopefully the public is wise enough (except perhaps the ones who watch the bloody thing) to know that it's not a county full of dumb chavs with orange skin and peroxide hair. Kudos to Chelmsford band Wild Combination for not just sticking down "London" as their location like many bands from that area do. And double kudos for doing their part in giving the county a better name. Let's not forget that some great musical talent has sprung from that area.

New single 'Great Expectations' is the antithesis of those stereotypes; a smart, tight and interesting alternative indie/pop track. One with enough of a tempo for people who like things with a bit of vigour and plenty of melody for anyone who looks for memorable hooks. It's pop enough to appeal across the board but different at the same time. You could maybe put them in a similar bracket to Two Door Cinema Club in that respect. Although the two bands don't sound that similar, there's a good chance they will end up sharing a fanbase. So plenty here to suggest that these guys could go the distance, with crossover potential like this they're fully entitled to have great expectations.

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