Monday, 3 December 2012

Out This Week - 3rd December 2012

Technicolor Teeth - Station Wagon

We know little about Wisconsin's Technicolor Teeth apart from their seeming fixation with the occult. Their album 'Teenage Pagans' is out this week and taken from it is 'Station Wagon', a surefire hit for anyone who likes their guitars distorted, their music a little rough around the edges and are not averse to the odd spot of fuzz. This is grungy, shoegazey revivalist guitar shenanigans of the highest order.

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Foxtails Brigade - The Unloved

This new single from Californian chamber-pop outfit Foxtails Brigade uses Eleanor Rigby for inspiration, not as you may think in terms of sound, but in expressing loneliness and being forsaken. Musically it's a different matter, drawing as much from folk and Americana as the baroque sounds you may expect. It's a delightfully sad song (if that's not too much of an oxymoron) from their new album 'Time Is Passed'.

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Chromatics - Cherry

They're something of an anomaly are Portland's Chromatics, steadily building over the course of a decade they've managed to have a relatively good crack at the mainstream but have done so while staying true to their electro-pop roots, which are admittedly quite commercial but hardly chart fodder. With a triple album compilation called 'After Dark II' being lined up, they've dropped this ace new single, 'Cherry', for free.

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Faulkner - Triumph Of The Underdogs

Oaklahoma's Faulkner seem to be another anomaly (unless we're missing a vital part of the puzzle). Sure they make decent, fairly commercial indie-rock that has the potential to lead to some degree of success, but debut single 'Triumph Of The Underdogs' has clocked up 1.5 million views on YouTube and they have over 17,000 'likes' on Facebook. Anyway, they've made it a free download this week so see what you think.

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Sheepy - Another Day

We picked out Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Sheepy as one of our tips for the year back in January, and on the outside it may seem like it's been a quiet time since then. Not so. Luke Jones keeps writing and writing, with countless demo albums completed as well as more gigs under his belt. Plus, Sheepy is now a trio, thanks to the addition of Olly and Villy Raze. So now that they've got the tunes, they've got the line-up and they've laid the foundations, there will hopefully be little to stop these superb guitar-pop songs from spreading far and wide.

Third single 'Another Day' is the best yet, effortlessly melodic and insatiably moreish, it's one of those songs that you'll wake up singing in your head first thing in the morning, and then you'll know it's going to be a good day; this is catchy and addictive in all the right ways. A mixture of lo-fi, powerpop and post-punk with a massive pop heart beating at the centre. At times it recalls Squeeze, at times it recalls Super Furry Animals, at all times it impresses and gets the serotonin flowing. Resistance is futile, Sheepy could turn into an all conquering indie beast.

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